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Claude Wyle

Another Santa Rosa Pedestrian Fatality

A pedestrian is dead after being struck by a car this past Monday afternoon in another fatal pedestrian accident in Santa Rosa, California. First of all, I want to extend my deepest sympathy to the family of the person who was struck and killed while crossing the […]

Claude Wyle

San Francisco Police Motorcycle Accident with Biden Motorcade

Motorcycle accidents happen not only to the common biker, but also sometimes, even to professional motorcycle riders. Last week, a van accompanying the motorcade for Vice President Joe Biden collided with a San Francisco police motorcycle, causing property damage to the motorcycle, but thankfully no injuries to the officer, who was assigned to the official escort […]

Claude Wyle

San Francisco Police Sergeant DUI Arrest, Hit-and-Run

It’s not every day that I write about an SFPD sergeant doing something wrong, let alone a DUI offense or a hit-and-run. I don’t like to report wrongdoing by police officers, however at least with public employees, we can hope […]

Claude Wyle

DUI Suspected in Fatal San Jose Pedestrian Accident

A San Jose pedestrian Willy Umali, who was struck by a vehicle reversing on Leeward Avenue this past Saturday is dead, whilethe driver Rickey Lartigue was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Our sincere condolences go out to the Umali family. This pedestrian death seems so absolutely […]