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Claude Wyle

Is Distracted Walking Contributing to More Pedestrian Injuries?

Every day we learn more about the dangers of distracted driving, which is no joke. People are being killed each and every day because of distracted driving and we need to do something serious to…

Claude Wyle

Mandatory Arbitration Forces U.S. Citizens to Give Up Their Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial

Over the last few decades, the most important cases pertaining to mandatory binding arbitration heard by the U.S. Supreme Court have been decided 5-4 — with the dissenting four dissenting…

Claude Wyle

A Dangerous Day for Pedestrians in San Francisco: Two Critically Injured

It's been a dangerous day today in San Francisco for pedestrians. Two traumas occurred in two separate accidents to pedestrians in San Francisco today, 4 hours apart. Each remains in critical…

Claude Wyle

Another Cyclist Injured at Masonic Avenue and Fell Street, Dangerous San Francisco Intersection

As soon as I publish an article citing the most dangerous intersections for cyclists in San Francisco, complete with news coverage and assistance from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, I sadly…

Claude Wyle

Most Likely Places To Be Injured in a Bicycle Accident In San Francisco

As San Francisco cyclists, we know before we get on our bicycles to commute to work or to ride for exercise that riding in city traffic can be dangerous. Motorists always create some danger for…

Claude Wyle

Halloween Safety in the San Francisco Bay Area

Halloween is San Francisco’s favorite holiday for costumes and crazy fun. Kids and adults will be roaming the neighborhood dressed in their finest outfit incognito, and most people will be on…

Claude Wyle

Pushing For New Bicycle Passing Safety Law

I have been a bicyclist for as long as I can remember. I will never tire of the euphoric feeling of going out for a great ride on a sunny weekend day. However, I will also never forget the fright…

Claude Wyle

Bicycle Safety Tips To Protect Bicyclists From Serious Injuries, Part 2

Updated from Bicycle Safety Tips (Part #1) where I discussed some safety suggestions that I hope will help to prevent bicycle accidents or decrease bicycle accident injuries.

Here are some more…

Claude Wyle

Bicycle Safety Tips That Will Hopefully Help Protect Bicyclists From Serious Injuries

We all can agree that to most cyclists, safety is of high importance. Yet, many cyclists have vastly different ideas as to how to ride safely whether in traffic or even off road. Below, I make some…

Claude Wyle

Mill Valley Bicycle Accident Attorney Sadly Reports Cyclist Injured in Truck vs. Bicycle Accident

As a lifetime Mill Valley resident and bicyclist and as a pro bicycle attorney and advocate, I am saddened and a bit outraged to report a serious bicycle versus dump truck accident in Mill Valley on…