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Claude Wyle

Mission District Hit-and-Run Caused Fatality For San Francisco Pedestrian

Another pedestrian has been killed on Saturday in a San Francisco hit-and-run fatality when a minivan hit a 40-50-year-old man. The pedestrian was left on the street suffering from severe trauma and…

Claude Wyle

San Francisco Brain Injury Attorney Reminds of the Importance of Head Protection For Sports

Teen baseball pitcher for Marin Catholic High School in Kentfield, models a prototype protective helmet for baseball pitchers. He was a victim of a head trauma after being struck in the head by a…

Claude Wyle

San Francisco Brain Injury Attorney Reports Hit-and-Run on Market Street

I am sad to report that a woman was critically injured in a San Francisco hit-and-run a few days ago on Market Street. The pedestrian in her 60s suffered a brain injury and several broken bones…

Claude Wyle

San Francisco Attorney Expresses Concern: Is Park Presidio Dangerous For Pedestrians?

I am concerned about a potentially dangerous roadway in San Francisco which contributed to causing a pedestrian severe personal injury a few weeks ago when a woman was struck by an SUV driver. She…

Claude Wyle

Brain Injuries: Multiple Sclerosis Aggravation by Stress and Trauma

There is a well established medical relationship between the aggravation of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and stress and head trauma. The medical literature associated with MS which has come out since…

Claude Wyle

Niner Bikes recalls bicycle frame due to crash hazard

I wrote some time ago about a dangerous product, a recall of Redline dangerous and defective bikes. Those were recalled because of the possibility that the bicycle’s fork legs can separate from the…

Claude Wyle

Fatal Head Injury–$12 Million Verdict for Hospital Negligence

As a San Francisco brain injury lawyer, I was extremely satisfied by a jury’s award of $12 million for hospital malpractice on Thursday to a Southern California woman who was left in a…

Claude Wyle

New Ski Helmet Bill Proposed in California as a Way to Prevent a Fatal Head Injury

Last month I wrote about bike helmets for kids and how important they are to bicycle safety. You may recall that studies show 75% of bicycle related deaths are due to head injuries.


Claude Wyle

South San Francisco Woman Suffers Brain Injuries in Hit and Run

A South San Francisco woman was struck by yet another hit and run driver while walking her dog this last Tuesday. The dog was killed and this woman suffered severe brain injuries. Although she is expected to survive this pedestrian accident, she will have to live with the day to day nightmare of serious head trauma. Some people in a following car chased the hit and run driver, but have yet to…

Claude Wyle

Brain Damage A Cruel Legacy From Iraq War

The war in Iraq is still raging, but one legacy is already making itself known across America: an epidemic of brain-damaged GIs. Thousands of troops have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, or TBI. These blast-caused head injuries are so different from the ones doctors are used to seeing from falls or motorcycle or bicycle or car crashes, that helping these head injured patients is…