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Target to Pay 7 Million for Brain Injury to Elderly Woman

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Target Corporation. will pay $7 million to an 80-year-old woman who suffered brain injuries after being struck by an automatic door at an Illinois store. In the lawsuit, head injury attorneys alleged that Target failed to properly inspect the door or to follow safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Putman suffers ongoing head injury symptoms including cognitive problems because of her brain injuries and now lives in a nursing home. We applaud Ms. Putnam’s brain injury lawyers who clearly knew how to best present this woman’s injuries.

This case demonstrates the importance of knowing and protecting your rights. Many consumers would believe that big companies such as Target are immune from or unresponsive to claims by individuals. Many people would believe that injuries to the elderly are not worth the investment of resources, since their life expectancy is not very long in comparison to younger people, and they have no lost wages. This is not entirely true. The elderly have every right to a safe environment and probably more need for it. If you suffer serious personal injuries while going about your daily activities, please consult a lawyer to see whether the responsible party should pay for your medical bills, lost wages disability or earnings and other injury related damages.

1 Comment

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