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Pedestrian Run Down in San Francisco City Hall Crosswalk

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San Francisco – A pedestrian is in critical condition after being struck by an SUV early Wednesday morning.

The hit and run, which occurred just outside City Hall, serves as a grim reminder as to the state of pedestrian safety in San Francisco today.

Inline image 1Police are still searching for the driver, who sped away without stopping.

Witnesses say the man was walking west on Van Ness Avenue when he was struck by the SUV.

He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital with life threatening injuries.

Pedestrian accidents are becoming a pandemic in our city. With over a dozen pedestrians injured in the first month of 2014 alone, we seem to be no better off than we were last year. Many are speaking out, but action is needed. It is up to all of us on the road in San Francisco to drive safe, and be aware of our surroundings.

Although some accidents cannot be avoided, your conduct after the accident really counts. Hit and runs are unacceptable. If you’ve caused an accident, or even worse, an injury, it is your duty to stay at the scene, cooperate with police, and take responsibility for your actions. When a driver fails to stay at the scene of an accident and give their information, this is a crime. When a driver leaves a pedestrian or a bicycle rider injured and helpless at the side of the road, after they have run over that person, I believe that the crime should be far worse than simple hit and run. The most valuable time to help the injured pedestrian or bicyclist is right after the accident and drivers who hit someone, no matter who’s fault the accident may be, need to follow the rules of the road and stay at the scene to help the authorities and also to call 911 so that medical help can be dispatched.

We all need to work together, and respect each other, and committing a hit and run is inhuman and inhumane.


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