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Serious Personal Injuries and One Fatality In California Big Rig Crash
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A big rig driver crossed the centerline into oncoming traffic last April in Los Feliz, California, in a fatal big rig crash, killing one person and causing serious personal injuries to ten others in a firey crash which ended up impacting eight vehicles near the 134 Freeway. This California truck collision sparked a massive fire, scattering debris across all lanes of the road.

“This was a significant, firey and fatal traffic collision” said Erik Scott, spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department.

It is currently unclear how the incident happened, but I would like to know how it was that this commercial truck collision occurred.

“We don’t have a clear sequence” said Jose Nunez, spokesman for the California Highway Patrol.

Investigators do know that the truck was traveling north just before it crossed into the southbound lanes of traffic, hitting a second big rig, which caused a cascade effect, involving other vehicles traveling the same direction, but still have yet to understand exactly what caused the big rig to swerve in the first. In all, three passenger vehicles, three big rigs, a van, and a black truck were all involved in the crash.

A witness claims that a Toyota Prius may have actually cut off the northbound big rig, causing it to swerve and careen over the center divider.

“It is going to be an extensive amount of time to sort everything out” said Nunez.

First, allow me to express my sincere condolences to the family of the person killed in this truck crash and to wish the other survivors a quick and complete recovery. This story is a sad example of how many factors can contribute to a collision and how the truth as to what happened in a multi-vehicle crash is not always so obvious. At first, I thought this crash must be all the truck driver’s fault, but learning that the truck driver may have been cut off first, makes me ask many more questions. Let’s all hope that the CHP team sort the facts out, and that the survivors of this horrible California big rig crash get the right attorneys to investigate the collision and make the responsible parties accountable.


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