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What the FDA Is Hiding From Us: GMO Foods are a Major Health Risk


Is the wool pulled over our eyes or do we just sleep better at night assuming that government agencies such as the FDA and EPA are watching out for us? And are they really watching out for us the way we hope? Someone is making sure that the food we give our children is safe, right?

It's time to wake up to the truth that in many ways the governmental agencies that are supposed to be aggressively guarding the safety of our families fall short. Is it the economy or perhaps the failure of one administration to adequately fund an agency to blame? Or is it maybe that the agencies are often staffed by yesterday's chemical company employees? Maybe it's a combination of both; however, clearly we need to protect our own families by changing our own habits. The government is not going to do it for us.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are scientifically proven to be unhealthy to humans, certainly in the long run. Shockingly, the genetic splicing includes pesticides. I am no fan of pesticides, but I would much rather wash them off than be forced to ingest them on a cellular level. If you think about it, why would we want to eat food that has been unnaturally altered with scientific engineering techniques for the purpose of creating a larger amount of that altered food to feed more people? And GMOs have been shown to reduce the nutritional value of food.

Conceivably, we could eat more and more bigger ears of corn and starve to death in the process. If you think about it, if food is genetically modified, the seeds get modified and the next generation of seeds is further modified until we, the consumer, end up modified–at the cellular level.

This is no joke. If we allow Big Agriculture and the chemical companies to play with our food, one day all of our food will be poison. What carcinogens are in our foods now? Does the FDA really know? Why is child cancer so much more prevalent than in generations before? Autism rates are higher as well. Why would you feed your family vegetables laced with pesticide on a genetic level or meat from a cow fed altered grain?

I recommend that you check out MOMS Advocating Sustainability (MOMAS) and in particular an article by Christina Wyle (my wife) who describes her personal pursuit of knowledge in A Mom's Journey: From Panic to Power. A supporter of MOMAS, Christina has discovered facts about toxins in our everyday environment that have encouraged her to change the food and other goods we bring into our home. Advocating for our 12-year-old daughter, Christina has been, over the last 12 years, constantly trying to improve the food brought into our home and to decrease the dangerous substances to which we have exposed our child. Christina realized,

I have been going through life assuming someone is testing the food, home furnishings, cosmetics and everything else my family is exposed to.

How many of us feel this way too, and just allow life to continue on as is despite what we suspect? As a Dangerous Products Attorney in San Francisco, I can attest to the fact that there are many good citizens who trust in the FDA and the EPA. After all the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Their mission is to protect and promote public health for all U.S. citizens through the regulation and supervision of food safety, dietary supplements, prescription and OTC pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines and the list goes on. The point being that they are supposed to be the top watchdog for the United States. We are supposed to trust them, right? And generally these agencies try to do well for us, but how can they keep the largest chemical companies in the world in check? And the lobbyists that these companies send to Washington are powerful and influential. Who at the FDA is standing up to Monsanto?

Christina Wyle was introduced to a book Poisoned For Profit; How Toxins Are Making Our Children Chronically Ill by Phillip and Alice Shabecoff, which touches on topics from autism to cancer, to poisons in the environment, to covering up evidence. Sadly, the power of the GMO lobby and huge chemical companies makes it all the more difficult to bring the truth about pesticides and GMOs to light and to keep our families safe. The GMO crisis is another case of profits before people–abetted by either government collusion or government weakness or inefficiency.

Why don't we know about poisons in the environment? We are not talking about a Disney movie where the bad witch tricks someone into eating a poison apple. This is real life, and although the unhealthy effects may occur over time, they extend far beyond a little shack in the woods. Unknowingly, our homes, schools, cars and playgrounds are infused with air pollution, water pollution, pesticides, mercury, lead and arsenic, to name a few.

These are deadly poisons.

Unfortunately, many adults–Christina Wyle being one of them–grew up with harmful conditions such as crop dusters spraying DDT and eating corn that was harmfully modified with organisms that we later learned caused cancer.

Genetic modification was first used by scientists to construct a bacterial strain capable of producing insulin for humans, to help cure diabetes. It later led to the manipulation of common foods we eat, promising higher-yielding crops to end world hunger. This utopian ideal has clearly gone down the wrong path since its introduction, as the true motivator has been corporate profits, and the victims have been humans. In fact,

FDA scientists once regarded genetic modification of the food supply as the single most radical and potentially dangerous threat to public health in history. As early as 1991, a body of scientific research began to form, which now includes articles in over 600 journals. As a whole, these offer scientific evidence that GM foods, hormones and related pesticides are the root cause for the increase of many serious diseases in the U.S. Since GM foods were introduced, disagnosis of multiple chronic illnesses in the U.S. has skyrocketed. These illnesses include changes in major organs and in hormonal, immune, digestive and reproductive systems.

Californians stood together to battle GMOs in the last national election by fighting Proposition 37. Despite the nearly 50% support, they lost. Why? Because $46 million of misinformation was spent to fool Californians into believing it was better to hide the truth. However, the good news is that this effort raised unprecedented awareness, which now is spreading globally.

Over 1 million signatures petitioned a Just Label It Petition to the FDA. There is an ongoing effort to curb companies such as Monsanto. Surprisingly, President Obama appointed Michale Taylor, a former VP and lobbyist for Monsanto as senior advisor to the FDA.

As a Mom, Christina Wyle felt paralyzed at the length and breadth of changes needed in our regulation and production of chemicals. She learned, however, that making small changes in her world helped her at least feel control over her own health and that of our family.

We are lucky to live in Northern California with many progressive supporters of "green" products and organic foods. I feel we owe it to our country to pass along our attitudes to others so that together we can all promote a healthier way of life. Please join me in taking your head out of the sand and working to improve the purity and quality of our food.

Hello, I'm Claude Wyle. Do you have any ideas to help educate people on product safety in San Francisco? Please comment or ask for a subject you would like to see researched or discussed in this blog. Thanks. Feel free to contact me at cwyle@ccwlawyers.com.

About the author: Claude Wyle is an aggressive advocate for San Francisco dangerous product safety, especially for children. Claude has decades of experience representing those harmed by the wrongful conduct of others, and, as a San Francisco dangerous product attorney, has fought to protect the rights of citizens throughout his legal career.


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  1. Stephen says:
    up arrow

    I just spent days trying to find an american company that makes non-GMO corn chips. I have failed to find ONE. There is a lot of talk on the web that there is a concerted effort to depopulate the planet. I have to admit I am beginning to think it is true. Maybe not a conspiracy but certainly based on greed, the king of the seven deadly sins. To sustain what freedoms we have left we must work for it. Call your Senators and Congressmen and demand that they act in favor of returning the non-GMO crops before it is too late, if not for you then for your children. I would love to see an expose’ of what kind of foods Monsanto CEO’s and employees eat.

  2. Mike Pierce says:
    up arrow

    Hello Mr. Wyle,

    I read with interest your article about the FDA, GMOs and toxins in our environment. It was excellent and in my opinion spot on. I appreciate your efforts to educate the public as well as the excellent work your wife is doing.

    Sometimes I wonder how we are able to survive all that is being thrown at us. Mercury in vaccinations, fluoride in our water, GMO’s, aspartame, geo-engineering (chemtrails, HARRP), Corexit (Gulf oil spill mitigation toxin), and so much more. Just as much of our daily lives are invisibly manipulated not by our own government, but the UN through a sinister global plan titled Agenda 21, so are the standards for the world’s food supply being controlled by a UN sponsored NGO named CODEX Alimentarius. If you are not familiar with this organization, you should check it out. Pay particular attention to the corporations pulling the strings of this organization. Here is one link to an article I pulled from the internet. I haven’t fully vetted this article but much of what is being stated is corroborated by numerous other articles I’ve read. http://www.natural-health-information-centre.com/codex-alimentarius.html

    I have no credentials, I’m only a concerned citizen trying to discover the truth. My wife and I have spent thousands of hours researching what is REALLY going on in the world. So often what we find is not only alarming and inconceivable to say the least but 180 degrees counter to what we have been told is reality.

    Thank you you your article and taking the time to read this email. Best of luck in your quest for the truth and endeavor to educate others.

    Best Regards,

    Mike Pierce

  3. Claude Wyle says:
    up arrow

    Thanks, Mike. I will keep researching and will blog if I find anything I think can help. My wife is devoting her time to a volunteer non profit in the hope that she can do some good. Thank you for all that you do as well, Claude

  4. ConcernedaboutGMs says:
    up arrow

    Keep up the great work, Claude Wyle!

    What a hero you are, sir.

  5. Mary says:
    up arrow

    Mike and Christina,

    Thank you for your dedication to the truth. We can all make a difference by educating others.

    Please, please, keep up the effort! One day, with enough of us enlightened, we WILL reach a tipping point and turn this thing around.


  6. Thomas C. Howard says:
    up arrow

    Don’throw the baby out with the bath water. Don’t get on every “bandwagon” (floridation). We will need every iota of science and strongly regulated capitalism to sustainably feed and raise the standard of living of 9 billion peoople. Both the devil and God are in the details.

  7. Karen Kieckhefer says:
    up arrow

    Excellent article!

  8. Claude Wyle says:
    up arrow


    Thank you for your comment.
    Technology may well be what we need to help the world’s growing population survive. It’s just that the Pesticides are not showing to have increased crop yields but they are increasing danger to consumers. And the altered food is losing its nutritional value so why make more of it if it doesn’t keep anyone alive?

    And thank you to the rest of you for your comments too.

  9. NoMonsantoInBoulder says:
    up arrow

    Hello Claude Wyle:

    Thank you so much for everything you do.

    A few thoughts I would like to share follow.

    Technology is (or can be) a two-edged sword, of course. And we Americans keep forgetting that scientists are very human, and the very best of them make mistakes–and often significant mistakes. Scientists can be as “romantic” about their profession as a poet about his (or her) first love; they are all too often guilty of idealizing technology and NOT seeing (and not wishing to see) the long-term consequences of their projects and research.

    Our nation’s food supply is NO place whatsoever to make any mistakes–the stakes are too high. And GMOs might well be a national (or international) security risk of the first magnitude.

    When powerful, unfettered, poorly tested technology is in the hands of corporations which have little or no oversight or sense of responsibility (the norm in our corrupt nation as we all should know), we will have, almost inevitably, disasters. That is where we are today in America.

  10. Claude Wyle says:
    up arrow

    Thank you, John, for your comment. I appreciate your very articulate statement on this issue.

  11. Thomas C. Howard says:
    up arrow

    “fifty million Frenchmen can’t all be wrong.” GMO’s,pesticides of all kinds do greatly increase yields. The farmers that use them are not patsy’s or stupid. I have never seen convincing evidence nor arguments that “food is less nutritious.” There are health risks, and serious ones in limited circumstances because of “poisonous chemical…” Strong Gov’t science and control is essential. It is a race and a balancing act. Please use fluride, vaccines, chlorine and run of the mill supermarket foods: for your own good. You won’t do any better for your health and/or finances by trying to create your own “peculiar” system or rules. (A garden is an exception.) Question science and regulations but depend on them.

  12. Claude Wyle says:
    up arrow

    Dear Thomas:
    Thank you very much for your comments.

    I am not quite sure of the accuracy of your information, although I do want to keep an open mind. I was under the impression that the French do not allow GMOs. And by putting pesticide into the genes of vegetables, which then get passed on to the seeds, aren’t we then making the process irreversible?

    I agree that balance is the key, however if we mess up the nation’s food supply permanently, then what? And I am under the impression that the GMOs did not actually increase crop yields, over non-GMO crops.

    If you have some information to support your statements, I would greatly like to read it. Thank you sincerely for keeping the conversation flowing. Your input is greatly appreciated,

  13. Thomas C. Howard says:
    up arrow

    Sorry about the “Frenchman” allusion. I believe it originally had something to do with sex. I read much of the popular farmer oriented magazine and other semi pro literature. My meaning was that the nearly universal adaptation of scientific farming with “poisonous chemicals” is in itself a “proof.” Not perfect proof but substantial evidence of increased, profitable production. GMO is a new dimension. I have read a bit as above and accept the following: A reduction in the use of applied chemicals occurs. Yield may be greater because of better insect control. (and with (roundup ready) more useful use of chemicals. There is regulation to prevent the introduced gene from becoming a part of nature. I eagerly confess almost total ignorance at the molecular level. I do suggest anyone interested should the popular farm press written for farmers, and admittedly subsidized by big ag. One can read critically.

  14. First Officer says:
    up arrow

    IF you are talking about GM corn causing cancer, i assume you are referring to Seralini? If so:



    “f you think about it, if food is genetically modified, the seeds get modified and the next generation of seeds is further modified until we, the consumer, end up modified–at the cellular level.”

    By what mechanism? Random mutations are always occurring, all the time, in all the DNA we eat. What prevents those mutations from crossing over to us? What prevents any DNA from crossing over to us through food? After all,the DNA doesn’t know its modified through a random mutation or through an intentional mutation. Are you saying those who eat beef end up cow like? Think about it.

    If one is really worried about unknown proteins, compounds, etc, then one should be wary of any new recipe. After all, cooking is a rather uncontrolled bag of chemical reactions. At least the GMO has undergone years of intentional testing before approval. Something that most heirloom foods cannot claim.