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Deadly Product Threatens Child Safety, Consumer Commission Powerless

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A recalcitrant company is refusing to pull the Meerkat 50 Youth ATV off the market, and the Consumer Public Safety Commission (CPSC) is powerless to force the recall. The ATV, marketed to children under 11, poses a high risk of serious injury or death because of numerous defects. These defects include lack of front brakes and parking brakes; and being able to start the vehicle while in gear.

The CPC cannot enforce a recall and is not able to levy fines because President Bush has not been able to a vacancy for over a year and, without a quorum, the commission is restricted from making regulatory decisions or enforcing civil penalties. The President of the manufacturing company refuses to work with the CPSC, reasoning in broken English “hundreds of Americans died by riding ATV every year.” [sic].

For more information on this subject, please refer to our section on Defective and Dangerous Products.