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Claude Wyle

San Francisco Bay Area Clif Bar Recall – Concerns About Possible Listeria Food Poisoning

Three types of Clif bars were announced for recall earlier this month due to potential Listeria contamination, as certain varieties of the nutrition bars were found to contain sunflower seeds linked to manufacturers subject to a shutdown and recall from […]

Claude Wyle

San Francisco Food Safety Lawyer Asks: Should California Consumers Beware of E.coli Outbreak?

An outbreak of E. coli that caused at least 38 people across 20 states to become sick has been traced back to flour produced at a General Mills plant in Kansas City Missouri, according to the Centers for Disease Control […]

Claude Wyle

Shigella Outbreak In San Jose Restaurant: Health Department Receives Many Complaints: What To Do if You Are Sickened From Shigella Tainted Food.

San Jose Officials are reporting 11 people hospitalized, some in intensive care, after contracting Shigella at a San Jose restaurant. Each of the 11 hospitalized from Shigella ate at the Mariscos San Juan restaurant in downtown San Jose on either […]

Claude Wyle

No Caramel Apples This Year!

This Holiday Season, stay away from the caramel apples! No, not just because they’re made of sugar and chock full of calories (because what would the Holiday Season be without a bit of indulgence?), but because it turns out that some prepackaged caramel apples have […]

Claude Wyle

What is Happening to California’s Bees? Are GMOs Causing These Deaths?

What is Happening to California's Bees? Are GMOs causing these deaths? I have reason to believe that this is the case. Why are the powers that be claiming the increase in bee deaths are a…

Claude Wyle

Why is Toxic Propylene Glycol in Deodorants and Dog Food?

Beware of this new finding on Propylene Glycol. It's an ingredient in many body lotions, deodorants, hair conditioners, cosmetics, toothpastes, laundry detergents and many more. Propylene…

Claude Wyle

San Bruno Gas Explosion: How You Can Help

When tragedies strike, communities gather together and wonder how they can help their neighbors in need. After yesterday’s natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, many have wondered how they…