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Claude Wyle

Rio Linda Teacher Killed in Bicycle Accident

A Rio Linda High teacher died in a fatal bicycle accident this past Monday after being impaled by a parking lot gate while riding his bicycle home. Students and staff alike are mourning the death…

Claude Wyle

San Francisco Bicycle and Motorcycle Accident Attorney Video Series

A couple months ago I produced a few videos for my clients and viewers. This next video is part two of a series of interviews with Michael J. Swanson. You can find part one of the bicycle…

Claude Wyle

Severe Injuries in San Jose Motorcycle Crash

On Thursday, May 31, 2012 in San Jose, a motorcycle injury accident occured when an SUV struck the motorcyclist who was traveling southbound on I-280. The motorcycle accident occured about 6:00…

Claude Wyle

Oakland Motorcycle Fatality

As an avid motorcycle rider and motorcycle attorney I have to say that I have heard way too many motorcycle fatality stories lately. There seem to be more bikers who are crashing and more car…

Claude Wyle

Motorcyclist Killed in Highway 101 Crash

I am sad to report that this past Tuesday, November 8, 2011, motorcyclist 48-year-old John Jolivette was killed while riding his bike.
A San Francisco resident, Jolivette was killed when his…

Claude Wyle

CHP motorcycle officer injured by car in Petaluma motorcycle crash

As a California motorcycle attorney and a motorcycle rider myself, I am always disturbed when I have to report a motorcycle accident of any kind, but I am even more upset when the accident…

Claude Wyle

Motorcyclist’s death caused by drunk driving accident

As a motorcyclist myself, and a San Francisco motorcycle attorney, I write with a very heavy heart today. The San Francisco Chronicle reported earlier this month that a Richmond man, 35 year-old…

Claude Wyle

Highway 9 May Fix May Help Prevent Motorcycle Accidents, Bicycle Accidents and Truck Accidents

A couple of weeks ago I commented on the number of pedestrian accidents in San Francisco. Today, as an avid motorcyclist and bicyclist myself, as well as a San Francisco motorcycle accident attorney…

Margaret Embry

Motorcyclist Under the Influence Kills Nine-Year Old Girl and Critically Injures Her Father

On May 27, 2009, a father and his nine-year old daughter were struck by a motorcycle that was being operated by a man under the influence of alcohol in Novato, CA, according to foxreno.com. The…

Claude Wyle

Highway Safety the Focus When Motorcycle and Tractor-Trailer Collide in Accident

Sad news earlier this week when a local motorcyclist was killed as a semi made an illegal move across traffic in an attempt to make a freeway connection. According to the San Jose Mercury…