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Margaret Embry

Soledad Bus Accident Reminds Importance of Bus Safety Guidelines

A charter bus traveling through Soledad, CA on April 28, 2009 overturned on a Highway 101 overpass killing five and injuring dozens of the French tourist passengers, according to the San Francisco…

Margaret Embry

Cable Car Safety Tips

On Thursday, June 4th, a taxi ran into two cable cars in San Francisco, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. It is unknown what caused the crash, but three cable car operators and the taxi…

Chrissie Cole

Bus Driver Identified In Fatal Bus Crash; Investigation Ongoing

Officials have not determined the cause of a deadly crash of a tour bus crash Tuesday in Monterey County. The bus, carrying 34 French tourists and their guide, overturned on a Highway 101…

Chrissie Cole

Five Killed In Monterey County Bus Accident

At least five people were killed and several were injured in a tour bus accident on the Monterey Peninsula Tuesday on a U.S. 101 overpass near Soledad, officials report.

It appears the driver…

Claude Wyle

Another San Francisco Muni Pedestrian Accident!

I wish I was kidding, but I am sad to advise that the San Francisco MUNI has just been involved in its 18th pedestrian accident since this last July. Of these 18 reported MUNI pedestrian accidents, five have caused deaths. While this time, the MUNI bus did not kill anyone, the lady who was struck was taken to San Francisco General with personal injuries. Not surprisingly, although the accident…

Claude Wyle

San Francisco Muni Bus Causes Pedestrian Accident

A San FranciscoMuni Bus struck a pedestrian early Tuesday morning, at the corner of 6th and Market Street, in San Francisco, California. Passengers on the bus yelled at the driver to stop, but it was too late; the bus ran right into the woman. The pedestrian survived this Muni Bus collision, but suffered severe personal injuries. Police are currently investigating the incident, which marks…

Claude Wyle

Muni Riders Rescue Fellow Rider

Riders on the L-line streetcar witnessed horrific drama Tuesday night, as Muni riders saved a fellow rider from serious injuries. The drama began when the hand of an unknown rider became trapped in a Muni door. As the train accelerated, the man was dragged against the asphalt. Panicked passengers tried to alert the Muni driver. Fortunately, as the man was inches away from the wall of a…

Claude Wyle

Pedestrian Attorneys Seek Accountability From Muni

In SAN FRANCISCO, the fourth victim of a Muni-involved pedestrian crash in two weeks was struck by a Muni train Tuesday. According to the Muni’s own spokesperson, as of last week, San Francisco Muni vehicles had been involved in 956 accidents this year alone, 39 with pedestrians, five of which were fatal. San Francisco pedestrians are being run over at an astoundingly high rate, and The City…