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Uber Sued in San Francisco Wrongful Death Case

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San Francisco – The family of a six year old girl who was killed by a rideshare driver has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the rideshare company Uber.

Sofia Liu, who was walking with her mother and brother at Polk and Ellis Street, was killed on New Year’s Eve by Syed Muzzafar, a 57 year old Uber Driver.

Muzzafar was a contractor with UberX, who, like other companies, are under scrutiny as more rideshare accidents and injuries become public.

A San Francisco pedestrian accident attorney filed the suit on behalf of the family, and commented, “Uber shares in the profits of its drivers and must share in the responsibility for the harms they cause.” I agree 110%. I have been blogging about the lack of accountability of the rideshare companies and about the difficult insurance issues raised and the danger that the rideshare fiction creates to public safety, and I am very eager to learn how this case evolves and is decided. I am sure that the important legal issues raised in this case will have national ramifications as they will impact or at least influence courts and legislators across this country. I wish the family of Sofia Liu and their legal team the very best of luck and success with this righteous suit.

Ms. Liu’s family is seeking damages from both Uber and Muzzafar.

According to Uber, Muzzafar was not actively on a route and was not carrying a passenger at the time of the accident.

The lawsuit alleges that Muzzafar was interacting with the UberX smartphone app at the time of the collision, both a dangerous and illegal activity.

“The design of the Uber app and driver interface requires drivers to use the app in such a manner as to violate the law,” the lawsuit says. “Muzzafar’s distraction was a substantial factor in causing the subject accident and resultant harm.”

A memorial fund for the family has already raised more than $34,000.00, which helped pay for the funeral and memorial service.

Muzzafar was arrested and booked on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter, gross neglect, and failure to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. He has yet to face criminal charges.

The more I learn about rideshare liability and driver responsibility, the less I trust the viability of these organizations. If rideshares are going to occupy the same commercial marketplace as taxi cabs, they should follow the same rules and regulations. All drivers should carry commercial liability insurance, the companies should be liable for drivers actions, and those injured or killed as a result should be awarded the damages they deserve.


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