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Gambling Bus Accident Causes Wrongful Death

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A gambling tour bus from U.S. Asia Tours, bound for San Francisco on Highway 88, crashed head-on into a pick up truck on Sunday night, killing the driver of the pick-up. At first the CHP believed that the pick up driver’s conduct was the cause of the crash, however now they believe that a second car which was trying to pass the bus, might have hit the bus and caused this deadly five car pile up. Nine people also suffered personal injuries in this deadly tour bus crash. As bus crash attorneys we face these same scenarios regularly. We are, presently, representing the family of a man killed as a passenger of a gambling tour bus which crashed into a tractor in Fresno County. What the passengers of the bus need to understand is that, as passengers, they are the innocent parties, and they should be fully compensated for their injuries and damages.

Often, the attorneys for the passengers of the bus begin the investigation where the CHP leaves off. Through accident reconstruction and other experts, bus crash attorneys can help prove fault for bus accidents, and assure that the bad drivers are held fully accountable.

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