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Driver Killed By Flying Truck Parts Near Las Vegas

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Drifting – a popular motor sport where a driver intentionally oversteers his/her car, losing wheel traction, skidding into curves and winding roads. This new trend, made popular by import car culture and rally racing, was a favorite activity of Cody Brown, a Livermore, California car buff. Sadly, however, Mr. Brown will no longer be participating in the activity, as he was killed when his car and he were struck by flying truck parts. Mr. Brown, who was with his mother in the car, was on his way home from Las Vegas. They were visiting Mr. Brown’s grandparents when a southbound truck’s axle failed, causing a rim and tire assembly to break off, jettisoned in the direction of Brown’s car.


According to California highway Patrol, the rim and tire hit the truck in front of Brown, glancing off the vehicle, sending it directly into Brown’s car. Sadly, Brown was killed instantly. His mother, sitting in the passenger seat, suffered minor injuries.


The truck responsible for the loose wheel continued on, and has yet to be found.


Officer Brandon Moore has bee investigating the incident, commenting: “Unfortunately, there are a lot of unknowns, which we don’t like,” he said. “I’ve heard of things like it, but I’ve been in this office about 13 years, and this is the first time I can remember something like this.”


Brown’s life insurance has been delayed in covering his burial costs as the coverage is debated, so his friends have established a donation program to help assist with the costs, which can be found here:



It saddens me to hear of Brown’s passing, especially as an automobile accident attorney, to learn of such a mysterious chain of events that lead to his death. It is terrible to lose a child, especially to such odd circumstances. That is why I would encourage all those with information surrounding the accident to contact the authorities immediately. If you have any information at all about the truck that lost its rim and tire, or the identity of the driver, it is asked that you call the California Highway Patrol’s Modesto Area office at 209-545-7440.



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