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Driver Hits Seven Year Old Pedestrian In San Francisco Tenderloin

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seven year old boy was struck Wednesday morning in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, adding to the already impressive(horrendous) number of pedestrian accidents this year alone.

The driver did stop after hitting the victim, and all reports indicate the child will be fine.

This child was walking to school with a group of other kids, many of whom were near the victim when he was struck.

The accident occurred shortly after a similar accident earlier that morning, involving a pedestrian struck right outside San Francisco City Hall. That driver did not stop.

These are already the second and third reports of San Francisco pedestrian accidents just this week, the first occurring when a driver killed one, and injured three pedestrians, in the City’s Parkside neighborhood on Tuesday.

“San Francisco is one of the most dangerous cities for pedestrians, more dangerous than New York City, certainly the most dangerous city in the State of California,” San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim said.

21 pedestrians were killed in San Francisco in 2013 alone.

Jane Kim, San Francisco Supervisor and supporter of Vision Zero, hope that programs aimed at driver and pedestrian awareness can reduce fatalities by targeting hotspots.

“We have to invest the money,” she said, “Because people are dying and getting injured on our streets and that has a tremendous cost on our city whether we like it or not.”

Police have stepped up enforcement as well, issuing 43 percent more tickets this month than this time last year.

However outrageous the statistics may seem, pedestrian injury and death is a very real problem in our City. In the past year alone pedestrian injuries have reached epidemic proportions. It has gotten to the point where you can’t turn on the news in the morning without hearing at least one story of pedestrian injury or fatality in San Francisco. I support Jane Kim, the police department, and all those working towards making San Francisco a safe place for pedestrians, but it can’t just come from the top. It is up to all citizens to make our streets safe. Get your voices heard, speak out against the problem, and be aware on the road.

If we all work together, we can make San Francisco streets safer again.


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