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10 Things Your Insurance Company Won't Tell You

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1. “You need a lawyer.”
2. “You’re paying too much.”
3. “Forget your driving record. We want your
credit rating.”
4. “We can dump you on a whim.”
5. “We’re pocketing your deductible.”

6. “We’ll stiff you if your car is
7. “…and even if it isn’t.”
8. “Our body shops work for us, not you.”
9. “We make money by sitting on your claims.”
10. “We own your state insurance commission.”
Other things you are not likely to hear, ever.
11. “Your claim is valid and legitimate and we will pay it right now.”
12. “We will never falsely accuse you of insurance fraud.”
13. “We don’t need a recorded statement to pay the claim.”
14. “Your home was burned down by a wildfire and not by an arsonist.”

Anyone care to add a few???